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Don’t waste thousands of dollars in dental insurance benefits!

Insurance benefits do not carry over into next year.

If you have a more involved case make sure you come in for your complete exam, x-rays and cleaning. Did you know with most insurances there is no out of pocket cost to you. For example if your insurance covers two thousand dollars per year and your needed care is $4,000 if you do $2,000 this year, max out your insurance this year and finish care in 2020 your out of pocket is almost nothing!

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We specialize in general, cosmetic & implant dentistry.


We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your optimum oral health.


Even a slight change can make all the difference to your smile & confidence!

D5 Teeth

We offer full-mouth restoration with our revolutionary D5 teeth.

Full mouth Reconstruction

If a tooth cannot be saved we make the removal process quick & easy.


From metal braces to clear aligners we will get everything aligned perfectly.


Whether it’s a simple fix or a complex shift, Invisalign® can straighten it out.

Single Implants

A dental implant can replace your lost natural tooth and the root beneath.


We offer a safe and quick method to create a beautiful, ‘brilliant’ smile.

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  • Root Canal
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  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Invisalign®
  • Dental Implants
  • Full Mouth Restoration
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  • Metal Braces


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D5 Teeth Dr. David


We have helped hundreds of patients restore their beautiful smiles.


True, permanent
teeth in 24 hours.

Our D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution can transform a patient’s smile, function and dental health with permanent implant teeth in 24 hours, no temporaries. Just two visits and you are done!

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What makes this
procedure so great?

While traditional methods can take up to 32 weeks to complete – with D5, you simply come in one morning to prepare your teeth and come back the next day to have your restoration finalized. You leave our office that day with a beautiful smile that looks and feels completely natural.