Before & After Photos of D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution

One Of The Few Practices In The World To Offer A Permanent Custom Milled Hybrid Bridge, With A Milled Titanium Bar In 24 Hours!

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“This patient came to us with extreme bite collapse, caused by excessive grinding. the patient was adamant that he did not want to wear a denture because he had an extreme gag reflex, he wanted a nice smile, and he wanted to be able to chew his food well. As you can see, the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution was totally able to solve this patient’s problem in 24 hours. If you went to almost any other implant center in the USA, all you would receive is a temporary denture screwed into implants, months later with many visits, you would finally receive your permanent set of teeth. So really it’s teeth in several months at other centers, not in 24 hours. Again, at most centers your final restoration will have denture teeth that do not compare in strength or longevity to our milled one piece bridge. We want to offer our patients state of the art 21st century, not 20th century technology, which was the old way of doing all-on-four or hybrids using denture teeth over a bar and only receiving a temporary set of teeth on day of surgery. Call us for your free consultation and CT Scan at 904-268-0606.”

“Again what you are looking at are true permanent teeth in 24 hours! These are not converted temporary dentures that Clear Choice and All-on-4 and almost every other center in the country offer. Please look at x-ray, what you will notice is that these restorations have custom milled titanium bars that are essential for permanent teeth. Until recently it was impossible to make the titanium bars and the restoration in one day. Without the titanium bars the restoration have very limited longevity. We are one of the few centers in the United States, that can do this procedure because of our advanced in-house computer assisted milling center that can make the restoration in 24 hours. It has incredible strength, esthetics and longevity. This restoration does not use old 20th century technology of individual denture teeth glued to the bar, that can pop off. By using a one piece custom milled bridge that precisely fits over the titanium bar, there is a dramatic increase in strength and longevity. If you go to a center still using denture teeth, know that this is not a state of the art restoration and it will not compare in strength and longevity. Call us for your free consultation and CT Scan at 904-268-0606.”

“Because this procedure uses space age design technology, we can correct in many cases, severe overbites and crowded teeth to give our patients a dramatic change in how they look. We go through a design book to show our patients how they can look before the procedure is done. Only when the patient shows us how they want their new smile to look, does our our advanced computer assisted design center fabricate their new smile. Our patients have total input into how their new smile will look. As you can see, from the above photos we can literally change our patients’ lives in 24 hours. Call us for a free consultation with CT Scan. 904-268-0606

“When this patient came to us, he had recently moved to Jacksonville on a Tuesday night for a consult. With 6 or 7 teeth that were ready to fall out. He wanted a new smile quickly. We did the computer records and went over how he wanted his new smile to look Wednesday. We scheduled his surgery Thursday and he received this beautiful smile on Friday. Notice on the x-ray, this restoration has an advanced custom milled titanium bar that is essential for longevity and strength. If you have many broken or missing teeth, call us for a free consultation at 904-268-0606 that includes a free CT scan and let us show you how we can help you as we helped the above patient.”

“This young man came to us with advanced periodontal disease, he was in pain and his teeth were loose. He wanted to know if the D5 Ultra Express could give him back a beautiful smile and the ability to chew his food well again. If you look at this picture, I think you will agree we were able to give this patient everything he requested – in less than 24 hours! If you are considering other dental implant centers and you are looking at these cases, why would you want to spend several months to get a result similar to this when you can get a better result in 24 hours with the D5 Ultra Express. Call us for a free consultation with CT Scan – 904-268-0606

“What you are looking at are the keys to the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution and why this is the 21st Century re-invention of teeth in a day, All-on-4, or Hybrid Restorations offered by almost every dental implant center in the USA. Because we have a space age in-house, computer assisted design and milling center, we are able to design and mill a custom milled titanium bar out of a solid puck of titanium. We then simultaneously mill a custom designed one piece bridge that will precisely fit over the titanium bar. Instead of using denture teeth like most centers that do not compare in strength and longevity. Our design team literally works in shifts after your surgery all night long until the next afternoon when we deliver your final bridge. Almost no implant center in the United States has the technology, experience and skill level to be able to provide patients this restoration. Remember your smile is custom designed to your exact specifications. After your custom bridge is milled our master ceramists hand layer all the teeth on the bridge for incredible life like esthetics. Again you could go to other centers and get teeth-in-a-day and all you get is denture teeth in a bar, which is last century technology or you could get the D5 Ultra Express in 24 hours. Call for a free consultation and CT Scan 904-268-0606.”