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David & associates features one of the most sophisticated in-house computer design and milling centers staffed with highly skilled ceramists. This multi-million dollar in-house lab allows our team to have high levels of quality control in the customization process. Our patients have access to communicate between their cosmetic dentists and highly skilled ceramists to help ensure the results they want and deserve.

Considering a Smile Makeover?

Check Out Our Hybrid LR™ Veneer System!

The digital 3-D approach to performing smile makeovers!

What if you merged two different methods of fabricating veneers each which has distinct advantages and disadvantages and got the best of both without the disadvantages? Introducing the Hybrid LR™ Veneer.

In the early nineties when veneers became popular, they were hand made with little technology using feldspathic porcelain. Porcelain powers were mixed with liquids that create a porcelain paste. This paste was placed over thin foil that was adapted to a stone model of tooth. After this was done you would gently lift foil with porcelain and bake in a furnace. The restoration could give incredible esthetics but because porcelain can shrink 15-20%, the fit was many times poor and restorations were fragile and weak. The next evolution came with the introduction of pressable lithium disilicate.
This material has good esthetics, not outstanding but incredible strength and fit to your tooth approaching 30 microns. With our advanced computer design and milling center we mill our veneers and crowns in this material with the front of the restoration in full cutback mode. This means we have created room for a highly skilled ceramist to micro hand layer the restoration with feldspathic porcelain to create incredible esthetics. Now we have a restoration with incredible strength, fit and esthetics. Twenty first century technology with old world craftsmanship.


Exquisite Attention

Our signature Smile Design by David & Associates Center for Cosmetic Dentistry offers the synergy of our highly skilled ceramists combined with a unique, multi-million dollar in-house computer designed milling center.


Accuracy & Precision

By milling veneers that are in full cut back mode we can achieve increased precision fit of restorations to teeth of around 30 microns! By milling with the front of veneers or crowns in full cutback mode we then have room to have highly skilled ceramists meticulously hand layer porcelain in multiple layers to achieve stunning esthetics.


Short Term Temporaries

Our digital technology allows significant reductions in finishing your case, so you are not wearing temporaries for a long time. Watch our video above on the making of a beautiful smile.

The Digital Design Process For Your Hybrid LRTM Veneer System


Step 1 - Interview And Consultation With Patient, Doctor And Highly Skilled Ceramist.

This in many cases is the most important step, the preplanning that goes into finding out what our patient really wants to accomplish. Do you want to straighten teeth, close spaces, whiten or eliminate crowding?

We take pictures, cosmetically image your case to show you different looks. We will show you power point presentations of numerous cases to show you different looks that may be suitable for you.

Our entire cosmetic team by the end of your consultation will now know what you want to accomplish. We will then draw up a dental plan to make sure we deliver what you want.

Step 2 - Your Custom Work Up

We will first take impressions of your teeth with detailed instructions on what you want to accomplish. This includes length and anatomy.

Now this is where the technology of our digital laboratory shines. We laser scan your impressions and do a 100% digital design of your new smile, not a hand wax up for your blue print. There’s a dramatic difference. With digital design we are designing in millimeters so we can achieve levels of design precision that we could never do with hand wax ups.

After the digital design is finished we then print a 3D model to be used as the blueprint to make your temporaries. The hours of design work to do this 3D mock up is saved to be used when we fabricate your case.

Step 3 - Your Preparation Appointment And Temporaries Form A Custom 3D Printed Mock Up.

This is a comfortable procedure that usually takes around two and ½ hours for 6-8 veneer preps. Beware of practices promising no prep or little prep veneers if you demand outstanding esthetics. If you want a highly skilled ceramist to spend hours hand layering your veneers you have to give the ceramist enough reduction to do this. These restorations have the translucency and look of natural teeth.

On no prep or ultra thin veneers they cannot be hand layered and can only be surface stained. The esthetics don’t compare to hand layered veneers. Also, on patients with darker teeth they are so thin they cannot mask the dark substructure under the veneers so opaque cements make the whole veneer opaque which does not look natural. We call it the Chiclet look.

If someone is suggesting no prep veneers ask to see six or seven actual cases they have done and then decide if this is good enough for you.

After finishing prepping your teeth this is when we use the digital mock up. We use this digital mock up to fabricate your custom temporaries. If you like your temporaries you will love your actual case because it will be milled on the actual digital data we designed the mock up with. No guess work, total precision design and milling. If you want changes to your temporary we do this chairside and send photographs to our design to reflect changes you want. No guess work.

Step 4 - The Insertion Appointment

This is the appointment where all the preplanning comes to fruition. We remake the temporaries and place your hand layered veneers. We never insert until you have seen them and approve.

We then bond restorations and check your bite, you are done! Enjoy your beautiful new smile with your new Hybrid LF™ Veneers.

Hybrid LR™ Veneer System


What makes this process possible is the full utilization of one of the most advanced digital computer design and milling dental laboratories in the country. The lab is also what makes the D5 Ultra Express Implant Bridge possible. It is actually this advanced digital technology that we applied to the Hybrid LR™ Veneer System. Dr. David and his cosmetic team have done thousands of veneers over the last twenty years.

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