Laser Gum Surgery

Minimally invasive & virtually painless

Minimal Invasive Lasers for Gum Therapy

At David & Associates we offer minimally invasive laser gum therapy, a state-of the-art treatment for many patients. If you are suffering from gum disease and bones loss call us for a free consultation to see if you are a candidate. The longer you wait the worse your dental health will become. If you have been putting off treating your gum infection that can cause you to lose teeth because of fear of pain, Fontana Laser gum therapy is for you because it causes very little discomfort or downtime.

Our state of the art laser therapy results in true periodontal regeneration, new bone growth and gum tissue reattachment.

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How Laser Gum Surgery Works

At our office we use the Fontona Twin Light™ Laser for laser gum surgery. This amazing technology allows many patients to avoid traditional painful gum surgery that requires flaps, cutting and sutures.


David & Associates is a true multi-group practice that can take care of all of your gum treatment needs in-house. Laser Gum Surgery requires highly experienced doctors and thoughtful planning. We have the experts to guide and care for you through this treatment process.

  • Dramatically less discomfort
  • Usually no sutures or cutting
  • Less bleeding at area of treatment
  • Almost no downtime
For many patients it actually causes your body to regrow its own bone. This new technology ensures very little discomfort and almost no downtime