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Swissedent overdenture special pricing

Ultimate Swissedent Restoration

  • Two sets of impressions for a better fit
  • Unlimited wax try ins to ensure you totally like your new smile
  • The Exclusive Swissedent Denture Technique
  • Uses the latest Ivoclar Injection Stytem to process denture for the best fit
  • Ultra-Premium Denture Teeth
  • Unlimited shade selection including latest bleaching shades
  • Unlimited adjustments at no charge for 1 year
  • 7 year warranty against breakage
  • Terms and conditions
Swissedent Ultimate Restoration

* Expires May 31, 2022

Swissedent Overdentures

What is the Swissedent technique and why does it create life-like dentures?


Are you considering dentures because you have many failing or missing teeth? Are you displeased with your present denture or actually embarrassed to go out in business or social situations because everyone knows you are wearing a denture?

The Swissedent Denture System® was developed in the home of quality Switzerland. With our state of the art laboratory and advanced technology such as 3D printers and only the most premium materials we produce hand created “European Master Level Natural Looking Dentures”. We use the “Dentogenic” concept, which siimply means we custom design your denture system taking into account your age, gender, face and smile characteristic.
For not much more than many economy denture centers are charging you can receive the Swissedent Denture System®. This restoration has incredible esthetics so no one will know you’re wearing a denture. Properly made dentures last for years. For literally pennies more a day you can have a premium restoration. You don’t have to accept mediocre economy dentures.

Your 1st Denture? Need Extractions?

New Denture Swissedent Restoration

  • Our ultimate Swissedent custom denture with warranty
  • Temporary Healing Denture
  • All adjustments during healing
  • All soft relines to keep you comfortable
  • Terms and conditions
Swissedent New Denture Restoration

* Expires May 31, 2022

Extraction Fees You Can Afford In Our New Denture Package

The Swissedent Overdenture Implant System

Swissedent Special Package - Good

  • Upper Swissedent Denture
  • Lower Swissedent Denture with 2 premium full size implants NOT MINI’s
  • On lower arch, if any extractions are needed it’s included in the fee
  • Terms and conditions

Don’t get fooled by centers offering Mini Implants! They have mimium rentention and high failure rate. We only use full size implants for maximum retention and longevity.

Swissedent Special Package - Premium

  • Upper Swissedent Denture with 4 implants
  • Lower Swissedent Denture with 2 implants
  • If any extractions are needed it’s included in the fee
  • Terms and conditions

With this package you will be able to eat almost anything you want! With four implants on the upper we can remove almost all plastic on the roof of your mouth. This means no gagging and you can taste your food!

Swissedent Special Package - Platinum

  • Upper Swissedent Denture with 4 implants
  • Lower Swissedent Denture with 4 implants
  • If any extractions are needed it’s included in the fee
  • Terms and conditions

With this package you will have the tightest fit possible with overdentures. On both upper and lower, from front to back, your restoration is anchored for maximum retention. Hope you enjoy eating apples!

We are a full service dental center with a state of the art in house laboratory. It is handled by a master level certified dental technician with over 25 yrs. experience.

Other Services

  • Partial Dentures
  • Flexible Partials
  • Repairs & Relines
  • Full Size Standard Implants
  • Single Tooth Implants
  • Free Consultation & X-Rays
Swissedent Dr. Joel David

If you are looking for an alternative to dentures, Swissedent Dentures can bring you closer to that natural smile that you remember. Give us a call at David and Associates Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry Phone Number 904-268-0606 or send us a message below to schedule your first consultation.

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