Swissedent Overdentures

True Life-Like Dentures For The Discerning Patient

What is the Swissedent Technique?

Please watch Angela’s video to see how we create beautiful natural smiles with the Swissedent Technique. You will also see if you add implants you can fabricate an upper denture with no plastic on the roof of your mouth. Did you know about half of your taste buds are on the roof of your mouth? This is why you don’t taste your food as well with upper dentures. When you watch this video notice how tight we can make them fit.

Swissedent Overdentures


Compliment Facial Characteristics

Swissedent utilizes the smile makeover technique that positions the teeth to compliment the patient’s facial characteristics, smile, age and gender by reflecting natural light to hit certain teeth as with natural teeth. This technique will restore the patients’ correct physical appearance, their optimum esthetics, maximum chewing function, with normal tissue support and comfort.

This video will also show how you can add dental implants that will come close to giving you the chewing power of natural teeth. It also means no plastic on the roof of your mouth that cover around fifty percent of your taste buds.

So please watch the video on Angela and see how the Swissedent Denture System with implants changed her life.


If you are looking for an alternative to dentures, Swissedent Dentures can bring you closer to that natural smile that you remember. Give us a call at David and Associates Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry Phone Number 904-268-0606 or send us a message below to schedule your first consultation.

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