David And Associates Orthodontics utilizes state of the art technology to give you the best results with braces and clear aligners in the shortest amount of time.

3M Clarity Clear Braces

Quality, affordable braces for
$149 p/mo!

  • Includes Retainers
  • $300 Down Payment WAIVED!
  • NO Interest, In-house Financing
  • Insurance Accepted
  • Ceramic and Gold brackets available (upgrade fee applies)
  • We Handle All Paperwork

* Expires January 31, 2022

Terms and conditions

3M Victory Series Braces

3M™ Victory Series™ Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces — a common treatment option before esthetic treatments became available.

  • High visibility
  • Some food restrictions (sticky, super hard)
  • Brush after every meal and floss at least daily

3M Clarity Clear Braces

3M™ Clarity™ Clear Braces

Translucent ceramic braces designed to blend in with the natural color of your teeth (versatile look with clean or colored ligatures).

  • Minimal visibility
  • Some food restrictions (sticky, super hard)
  • Brush after every meal and floss at least daily

3M Clarity Aligners

SureSmile® Aligners

Uses a system of removable, nearly invisible plastic trays (treatment may require plastic attachments which increase visibility).

  • Minimal visibility
  • Should be removed when eating and drinking
  • Brush after eating and drinking; also must brush trays

David & Associates has been providing quality, affordable orthodontic care for over 25 years.

  • Only certified doctors with years of experience
  • In house financing with no interest or fees
  • Call us for a free consultation


At David and Associates Orthodontics our goal is to offer exceptional orthodontic care. Our only goal is to ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience to our patients. When you come in for your consultation you will meet our staff and doctors. We will carefully listen to your concerns and goals. We will answer all questions you may have concerning your treatment. We will then perform a full orthodontic exam. Finally Dr. Espinosa will create an individualized treatment plan for you.

Our state of the art orthodontic center offers the latest in orthodontic technology. Because of this facility and staff there are no limitations on our ability to give you the best orthodontic care available. Whether the it’s metal braces or SureSmile® Aligners we have the ideal solution for you.

Our goal is to make orthodontic care easy, affordable and comfortable for you. We have flexible appointment times, latter hours and Saturday appointments. We accept many insurance assignments, do all of the paperwork for you, and have affordable no interest or fees in house payment plans.

You can afford to have a beautiful healthy smile at David and Associates Orthodontics. Call today for a free consultation at 904-268-0606

Clear Aligners

Smile like you’ve never smiled before.

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SureSmile® Aligners are nearly invisible, but their results aren’t.

The clear aligner system is custom fit for your smile—offering a treatment experience that is nearly invisible, convenient, and comfortable.

Trust Your Care For Clear Aligners With David and Associates Orthodontics

We have 20 years experience providing clear aligner therapy to patients.

Limited time, all inclusive special pricing. At David & Associates we offer a complete and comprehensive approach to clear aligner treatment. You can afford one of the most advanced clear aligner systems with SureSmile® and a certified doctor present to plan and individually monitor your case!

David and Associates Insurance Accepted

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SureSmile® Special David and Associates

  • As low as $79 p/mo
  • Unlimited aligners
    (most difficult case)
  • Unlimited case refinements
  • Full retainers
  • Terms and conditions

* Expires January 31, 2022

Are aligners right for me?

SureSmile® Aligners are designed to straighten your teeth, close the gaps between your teeth and help with crowded teeth. If your smile looks similar to one of the smiles shown below, ask your doctor about SureSmile® Aligners.

  • Arch Expansion
    Arch Expansion
  • Class 2
    Class II
  • Class 3
    Class III
  • Cross Bite
    Cross Bite
  • Crowding
  • Deep Bite
    Deep Bite
  • Midline
  • Open Bite
    Open Bite
  • Spacing



We treat a variety of orthodontic problems

Our doctors are highly-trained experts that specialize in the alignment of teeth and finding the right solution for you. Orthodontic problems, which often result from genetic factors but can be exacerbated by environmental factors such as finger sucking, must be diagnosed before treatment begins. Proper diagnosis involves taking photographs, x-rays, and dental impressions. These painless diagnostic procedures enable us to make informative decisions about which treatment is right for you. Some of the most common problems that can be fixed with orthodontic care are overbites, underbites, overcrowding, and spacing issues.


  • Treatment can preemptively alleviate physical health problems
  • Helps prevent tooth decay, bone destruction, tooth loss, and other dental injuries
  • A completely custom treatment plan designed for your individual needs
  • A healthy, beautiful smile that can last you a lifetime

A properly aligned bite makes it easier to eat, smile and speak!