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Limited time, all inclusive special pricing. At David & Associates we offer a complete and comprehensive approach to Invisalign® treatment.

  • Includes Complex Cases
  • Includes Retainers
  • Insurance Accepted
  • Affordable Monthly Payments
  • We Handle All Paperwork

Expires March 31st, 2020

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Why Choose Us

We are one of Jacksonville’s most experienced Invisalign® practices! All care is done by a certified Orthodontist with years of post operative training to ensure our patients receive the best care.


Save Up To $3,500

We accept many insurance plans and do handle all the paperwork. Many affordable plan and in some cases, insurance can cover up to $3,500 for your invisalign treatment.

Real Doctors, Real Care, Real Results!

You only have one set of teeth, choose a specialist you can trust!


Invisalign® Consumer Alert

You’ve probably heard about popular services that deliver custom, do-it-yourself clear dental aligners without the need of a doctor. Here is some Important, eye opening information about these companies and their procedure.

Invisalign® effectively corrects a wide variety of dental problems, including teeth that are widely gapped, overly crowded, or somewhere in between. We are specially trained Invisalign® providers who will develop an individualized treatment plan for your best results.


We’ll start with x-rays and impressions of your teeth to create a 3D image. Using this, we can map out the exact movements of your teeth and create a virtual image for you of how your teeth will look. Based on your individualized plan, a series of custom-made, clear aligners are made specifically for you. The aligners are made of BPA-free clear plastic and fit easily over your teeth. They are smooth and should be comfortable to wear. You can remove them to clean your teeth and to eat and drink. About every two weeks you will begin wearing a new set of aligners, progressing you through to your treatment goals. To make sure things are going well, you will have a check-up in the office every six weeks or so to monitor your progress.


  • Treatment can preemptively alleviate physical health problems
  • Helps prevent tooth decay, bone destruction, tooth loss, and other dental injuries
  • A completely custom treatment plan designed for your individual needs
  • A healthy, beautiful smile that can last you a lifetime

A properly aligned bite makes it easier to eat, smile and speak!